• Concept Art

Ioannis karathomas / 3D Modeler
email: Ioannis@jkarathomas.com

ZeniMax Online Studios
• Environment Artist on next gen M.M.O

Blizzard Entertainment
• Environment Cinematic Modeler

•The Elder Scrolls Online
• Diablo 3
• World of Warcraft Cataclysm
• Starcraft 2: Wings of liberty
• Starcraft 2: Heart of the swarm

White Swan *(Music Video)Director. Sil van der Woerd 2008
• 3D Modeler
Dr. Phill show video Games Short 2008
• Character – Environment Modeling
Steven Spielberg tribute 2008 VES Awards 2008
• Character Modeling
VES Awards Credit Titles 2007
• Modeling

Gnomon School of Visual Effects 2007
• Lab Tech 2008
Mindteks Solutions 2006
• Graphic Designer

Hellenic Internet 2006
• Graphic Designer and web development

Awards/Publish work:
Secrets of Zbrush Experts
Expose 9
3D World Magazine
Animation Carnival Magazine

Game Development Magazine
Gnomon Best of term

Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Hollywood CA
/High End Computer Graphics Certificate/
Middlesex University of London
/BA Honours Degree in Arts/

Akto Art & Design Greece
/Degree of Higher Education in Art and design/

• Creature Character modeling in Maya and Zbrush,
• Character Design in Photoshop
• Character for Games in Maya
• Hard surface and organic modeling in Maya and Zbrush
• Environment modeling and Digital Sets using Maya
• Environment design with Unreal Engine
• Lighting & Rendering in Maya Software and Mentalray
• Animation in Maya
• Production design in Photoshop
• Advanced Maya fur and hair in Ncloth
• Graphic design (Adobe Illustrator,photoshop)
• Typography
• Free-hand drawing
• Application in décor
• Materials and Colors
• Illustration
• Visual Communication design
• Computer design
• Web Design Adobe Dream weaver Flash

Maya, Max, ZBrush, Mudbox , Photoshop, Renderman,, Hero Engine, Unreal Engine,Shake, Flash, After effects

In game and Pre render High res 3D Modeling and 3D Texturing, Advance Sculpting, Concept design